Installing Dashboards into Node-RED Cloud Instance

In this lab we will be working with Node-RED on the IBM cloud. This setup tutorial will show you how to install dashboard nodes in your cloud instance of Node-RED .

Installing Dashboard Nodes

Step 1. Search for the instance of the Node-RED starter kit you created on IBM Cloud
Step 2. Scroll down to Continuous delivery and click on View toolchain
Step 3. Click on Git box under Code
Step 4 . Once in Git click on package.json
Step 5. Edit package.json dependancies. Add :
in the dependency list as so and commit changes
Step 6. Once change is committed, launch the App url once again. Click on the hamburger menu > Manage Palette section and then search for dashboard nodes. You should see node-red-dashboard. Click install and you should successfully see dashboard pallet on your Node-RED editor
Last modified 3yr ago